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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  July 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> chris: i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." >> chri>> chris: i'm chris wal this is fox news sunday. the obama administration picks immigration laws and bypasses congrespcongress, over con appointment. we'p we'll discuss both, wi house senior advisor david axelrod and senator jon kyl. then the u.s. and israel mend fence, and focus on the growing threat to peace, in the middle east. do you believe a nuclear iran can be contended with. >> benjamin netanyahu in a fox news sunday exclusive and the president tries out a new line of attack for november.
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we'll ask the panel if running against bush will work again. all, right now, on fox news sunday. >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. with a lot of ground to cover, let's turn to our first guest, obama senior advisor david axelrod. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thanks, chris, good to be here. >> chris: let's start with the latest news. bp is replacing the containment cap on the run away well, and the company hopes to have it done monday, as you can see, from the live spill cam, until then, the oil is gushing up into the gulf and also hopes -- bp -- to work to finish the two relief wells. how confident are you that they will have this spill contained? stopped? by the end of july? >> we are reasonably confident but, obviously, this thing is uncharted waters. no pun intended. our scientists, have spending a lot of time with them, around
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the decision to take the cap off and by putting the new cap on they'll expand the capacity to get 80,000 barrels a day -- 80,000 barrels out of this out of the well and it will be significant. >> chris: do you believe it is reasonable to expect -- they'll stop the spill by the end of july. >> look, the hope is that we'll be containing all of the oil that comes out of that well by the end of july, but to kill the well will take a bit longer and the goal is to contain the bell so there is no more oil leaking into the gulf. >> chris: that could happen the next few days. >> the process is going to take 7 to 10 days to get the cap on and another boat is coming in with a larger capacity and we'll expand our capacity in the interim, because there is still oil being collected now, even with the cap off and we'll
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expand our capacity and that should happen the next couple of days and, will help hurricanes and bad weather in the gulf, will help create a situation where, if a storm comes they don't have to leave the area and uncap the well. >> chris: the administration in the last few days has defended its ban on deep water drilling and twice in the last few days, judges ruled against you. meanwhile, one company, is -- has announced it will move its oil rig, from the gulf to egypt. don't you run the risk of killing the industry and losing thousands of jobs and you have two judges saying you have not proven the need for the ban. >> understand what the ruling was, of the appellate court, it was, no one is currently drilling. it wasn't timely to ask for, you know, this moratorium -- >> the original judge, basically said you have not proven the need for the ban. >> we'll see what the appellate
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court says but the important thing is this: we -- the president has -- does not want to stop this drilling, what we wants to do is make sure that something like this doesn't happen again and until we run through the scenario as to what happened and find out what needs to be done, there are 30 deep water wells and four being run by bp, is it is our responsibility to make sure that it it is -- it is reasonably safe and if there is another spill there is the capacity to deal with it in a much more efficient way than is being dealt with now. >> chris: does it war yorry youn you -- >> these are rigs that go from place-to-place, it's not an optimal situation but we are dealing with the greatest environmental catastrophe of all time and put so many people out of work and has been a tremendous tragedy for the region and we don't want a repeat of it because we are imprudent.
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>> chris: the administration also went to court, this week, to sue arizona over the crackdown on illegal immigrants, let's lack at the situation on the ground, there are an estimated 500,000 illegals in arizona, and is the kidnapping capital of the u.s., tied to drugs and human smuggling and the president is telling the state you cannot defend your own borderes. >> first of all, chris, there was a report in the arizona republic, that challenged -- the situation is not good and obviously, there is great frustration there, as there should be but we have greatly increased the presence of manpower, of equipment and technology, along the border and we have concentrated on the criminal elementary aconcern isl there water our efforts to
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apprehend people who are inflicting harm on the communities in the ways you suggest. we cannot have a patch work of 50 states developing their own immigration policy. i understand the frustration of people in arizona. they want the federal government to step up and deal with the problem once and for all and that is what we want to do but no administration has been tougher on enforcement, and no -- no administration has gone after employers the way we have. who have broken the law by hiring the workers, and -- >> mr. axelrod, there are facts that seem to contradict about how you say, the administration has been tough, the president announced he's spending 1200 more national guard troops to the border, less than one soldier were mile and frozen spending on the virtual fence, pending review and your homeland security budget actually cuts spending for border enforcement. >> chris, we have more manpower there than ever before, more equipment drones, helicopters,
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airplanes, we are doing this in a smart and more efficient way and we are producing better results than have been produced -- ever been produced before. so, i challenge your assertion. there are 20,000 agents on the border, and, now, another 1200 national guards, and that is more than ever been -- double what... >> chris: less than one per mile, less than one extra soldier per mile. >> the question is what do you need to do to be effective here? we brought drones, helicopters, planes and we have had more success, there are hundreds of thousands -- 23% fewer people crossing the border now, a much greater focus on smuggling and drugs and guns which is the greatest concern that people have in arizona. and, we want to continue to -- with those efforts and we don't -- when we can't do that, if there is a patch work of laws, and resources, where they dilute the efforts.
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>> chris: the president went around the senate, this week and announced the recess appointment of donald berwick to run medicare and medicaid. the white house cop explained about republican stalling as a reason for this, and the fact is, as you well know, the democratic chairman of the senate finance committee had not even scheduled a confirmation hearing on berwick though his nomination was announced several months ago. >> let's look at the history what happened during the administration. we have 140 or more appointees who are still waiting for confirmation for months and months and months and months and some have had hearings and some have not and even after hearings we have had months of delay on the floor. where we have had to invoke cloture against filibusters by republicans, even on -- even on -- even on nominations, in -- that the republican -- >> but as -- >> republicans ended up voting for. >> chris: mr. axelrod in berwick's case you have not had a nomination -- confirmation,
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right, you had a nomination for four months and has not been a confirmation hearing. and has not even finished the paperwork. >> it is very, very clear that this nomination and this has been signaled by folks on the other side of the aisle, the nomination was going to be one that was going to be dragged on and on and on and with all of the challenges facing our health care system, it is vitally important that we fill the position and we move forward. >> chris: isn't the real reason that berwick got a recess appointment because you did not want to defend some of the controversial -- >> absolutely not. >> let me put it on the screen and you can respond, her he is on the national health service of britain, i amro morning about the nhs. i love it. and on government government and health care, the decision is not whether or not we'll ration care, the decision is whether we'll ration with eyes open. fact is, he will have a budget bigger than the pentagon and he favors government controls on health care. >> the fact is that you pulled quotes out of longer pieces, he
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was also quite critical of elements of the british system and when he was talking about rationing -- >> romantic about nhs... >> he was critical of aspects of the british system, he's not coming to implement the british system, and if he were i don't think mark mclellan who had the same position under george bush or mr. skully, under george bush or the american medical association and american hospital association or, by the way, the aarp, would be warmly endorsing his candidacy as they are. they have read the full record and understand his record of improving patient care. and so, they have endorsed his candidacy and i think he will serve the country with distinction. >> chris: fine we have a minute left. the economy. unemployment is still 9.5%. 3 million americans have lost their jobs under president obama, and, let's put up the numbers from the last... private sector employment as you can see in the last quarter, profit sector job growth dropped
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sharply. question, can you honestly say the obama economic plan is working. >> well, yes, because if you look at where we were when he took office, we lost 3 million jobs the six months before he took office and 750,000 jobs in the month of january when we made the transition from president bush to president obama and our economy was losing 6.7% -- shrinking by 6.7% the first quarter of 2009. and, today, the economy is growing. we have had six straight quarters of private sector growth, is it enough? no, it's not enough. we have to keep moving forward. but what we don't want to do is go back to the same policies that created the disaster in the first place, and this is really what the debate is about. >> chris: mr. axelrod, we wants to thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> chris: don't be a stranger. please come back. >> i'd like to. >> chris: okay. joining us now, is the senate's number 2 republican, jon kyl. in the state of of arizona. senator, you just heard david
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axelrod defend the lawsuit against arizona, and the fact is, that the obama white house does have a story to tell. let's put up statistics. since the administration launched the southwest border initiative, seizures of illicit cash, fires are and drugs were all up last year between 14 and 22%, and, the number of the illegals in arizona, is estimated to have dropped 18%, question, hasn't this president improved border security? >> there have been improvements, there were additional people sent to the ber, and, nobody would deny that there is a federal government effort going on here. but it's not enough. because, you still have about a half of a million illegal immigrants cross the border every year and the fact that you have done more does not mean that you have done enough. and, for the federal government to chal this lalenge the law one it pre-emmed the area and the state needs to but out is wrong and it would be one thing if the federal government controlled
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the border but it has not and frank cly what arizona is tryin to do is lend its law enforcement individuals to the effort, to apprehend illegal immigrants and turn them over to the federal government and it is up to the federal government to decide whether they want to accept them and detain them and remove them to the country of origin and what to do with them, it's not pre-empting the federal law, the state of arizona is providing additional assistance to the government. >> won't illegals continue to cross the border so long as the demand for jobs from people in mexico vastly exceeds the number of legal jobs they can get in this country? don't you in the end, aren't you going to have to have a comprehensive plan with a guest worker program to solve the problem? >> chris, i supported exactly what you are talking about. we do need a temporary worker program, but, the labor unions in this country, that at least some of whom are willing to support that, three years ago, are no longer willing to do it. and, you are right. a temporary worker program would
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have to be a part of any comprehensive immigration reform and there is not support for that in the congress, right now. but, even if you had that, you can still -- you will still have problems with people trying to cross. and, yes, the answer is, you can gain operational control of the border even if we don't have such a program. we have -- we've demonstrated in certain areas of this border, for example, the yuma sector in arizona, has a very low immigration, illegal immigration rate now, because of the combination of things, that they have done on that part of the border, the tucson sector on the other hand, you have a half a million people coming through every year and a quarter of a million are apprehended every year. >> chris: senator, while you have been on recess, this past week, i don't mean just you but the entire senate the president named donald berwick to run medicare and medicaid and you heard my discussion of that with mr. objection axelrod, for all the howling from the g.o.p., president bush
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made 171 recess appointments during his 8 years in office. >> well, i'm not going to argue about what president bush did. the nominee shouldn't have been recess appointed, he's not the right man for the job, you were correct, he believes in rationing of health care and his nomination came up -- had it come up during the health care debate, could you imagine the cry that would have occurred and that is why the president delayed the nomination and then, as you also correctly node noted the chairman of the finance committee, max baucus has been critical of the president's appointment, he had not scheduled a hearing for the nominee yet. clearly they were anticipating a big fight but that is no reason not to -- put the nominee out to the public to defend his position. i don't think the administration wanted to have to do that. up. >> chris: the president was on the campaign trail this week, trying out new lines of attack against republicans. and, he tried to frame the debate as a choice between his agenda and the bush g.o.p.
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policies which he said drive -- drove the economy into a ditch over the last previous eight years. clearly, the polls indicate support for this president is waning on the other hand, those same polls indicate voters still don't like what president bush and the republicans during those eight years did for the economy. >> i don't think that is right, chris. the american people strongly support the biggest positive impact that you could have on the economy, so-called bush tax cuts. of '01 and '03. and those tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year. the president had said that he would protect middle class taxpayers for those tax rates going back up at the end of the year, and so far he has not chose tone do so. that will be a huge hit to the economy. and you cannot blame president bush for everything, by the way. that which occurred on wall street with fannie mae and freddie mac, and so on, we can debate who is really responsible
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and you cannot put that at the foot of president bush, but the re-- >> let me break up. i want to pick up on exactly the point you brought up. particularly the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. that is a part of the big republican growth agenda. let's keep, not let expire the bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the fact is, those would cost $678 billion over ten years. at a time when republicans are saying they cannot extend unemployment benefits, unless you pay for them, tell me how will you pay the $678 billion to keep those bush tax cuts for the wealthy? >> chris, that is a loaded question. the bush tax cuts apply to every, single american. >> chris: i'm talking about the bush tax cuts for the wealthy, sir. >> okay, so, let's first of all, start with those that don't apply to the wealthy. shouldn't those be extended and shouldn't you have a 10% tax bracket so people don't have to pay income taxes who don't make much money and shouldn't you do away with the marriage penalty and have the child tax credit at
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a thousand dollars per child and so on. all of that goes away, and now, with respect to those that apply to the upper brackets it is clear that you are going to clobber small business, because, the bulk of small business taxes are paid -- >> but, sir, we are running out of time, how will you pay the $678 billion, just on the tax cuts, for people over -- making more than $200,000 a year? >> you should never raise taxes in order to cut taxes. surely, congress has the authority and it would be right to -- if we decide to cut taxes, to spur the economy, not to have to raise taxes, in order to offset those costs. you do need to offset the cost of increased spending. and that is what republicans object to, you should never have to offset the cost of a deliberate decision to reduce tax rates on americans. finally a couple of personnel questions, and as i said, less than a minute left, sir. how will you go to the nomination of elena kagan to the supreme court? >> i'll let you know a week from tuesday when we have the mark-up
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where executive session and the judiciary committee. >> chris: and should republican party chair michael steele step down for his remarks in which he called afghanistan obama's war, and said we had no place being there? >> i think the chairman's remarks were wrong. i think he somewhat acknowledged that later. and, he needs to stop making comments that create this kind of furor, his job is to raise money and support the state parties around the country so we can have a fair shot at winning republicans -- republicans winning this next november. >> chris: should he step down, sir? >> that is a decision that the committee that elected him has to make and i will not get into the middle of is that a. >> chris: all right, senator kyl we await your decision on the elena kagan nomination and we'll wait for it' week from tuesday, thank you so much for coming in and talk with us today, sir. >> sure, chris, thank you. >> chris: up next our exclusive interview with israeli prime minister netanyahu on his alleged rift with president obama and the middle east peace process and the threat from iran. back in a moment.
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insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. >> chris: israeli prime minister netanyahu was in the u.s. this week to repair relations with president obama and to make the case he wants >> chris: israeli prime minister flet neth -- neth was -- . we sat down with him prime minister netanyahu was in the u.s. and we sat down with him to discuss reports of a rift with the white house, iran's nuclear program and what is holding up the peace process. prime minister netanyahu, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you, very good to be with you, chris. >> chris: there is a lot of charity this week about direct talks with the palestinians but i want to start with what there is to negotiate. do you really believe that you can make peace with the palestinians when hamas controls
6:24 pm
gaza, has a lot of support in west bank and will not recognize israel's right to exist? >> i don't think we can make peace with an organization that seeks our destruction. that is hamas. but i think we can make peace with the palestinian authority. it requires a lot of courage. from our side, from me. and it also requires courage from president mahmoud abbas the president of the palestinian authority. it will be a very tough negotiation but one that i think people are ripe for, is hamas going to be a part of it, no as long as they want to destroy us, they will not be a part of it and we'll never negotiate with the palestinian authority as long as hamas is in gaza. that is not my position. i think we should get on with it and seek to promote peace, and we'll deal with hamas later. >> chris: but, your foreign minister, lieberman, says he sees, quote, no chance, no chance of a palestinian state, by 2012. >> well, you know, there are
6:25 pm
differing views, there are people who have different ideas, we're a democracy, a parliamentary democracy and so people are entitled to have different views, they express them, but, i think that there is no substitute for getting into direct talks right now and seeking to break this logger jam, to actually go ahead and try and negotiate a -- >> you believe there can be a palestinian state by 2012? >> i think, there can be a solution. it may be implemented over time, because, time is an important factor of getting the solution, both in terms of security arrangements, and, other things that would be difficult, if they are not allowed to take place over time. so, i think the -- can we have a negotiated peace? yes, can it be implemented by 2012? i think it will take longer than that. >> chris: you say it will take courage on your part. are you willing to put east jerusalem the possible capital of the palestinian state on the
6:26 pm
table. >> we have differences of views with the palestinians there. we want a united city and they have their own views and this is one of the issues that will have to be negotiated. but i think the main point is to get on with it. you know, somebody asked me today, why don't you negotiate with president abbas. i have been calling for a year and a quarter, ever since we formed the government, to have the negotiation and the question i raise is, what are we waiting for? why are we wasting for time? let's get on with it. >> chris: president obama and you this week were -- nice work about u.s.-israeli relations and the question is did you resolve the deep differences that exist between the united states and israel when it comes to some of these issues? so, let's get into specifics. did the president explain why the u.s. signed a u.n. statement in may which singled out israel's nuclear program and failed to mention iran? >> he said u.s. policy has not changed and recognizes israel's
6:27 pm
unique circumstances, size, vulnerability, history of the attacks we have had, and, he reiterated in our private session and in the public statements, some of the key us that we have had on the strategic area, so i think if anyone thought there was a change of u.s. policy, or daylight between israel and the united states on these questions, i think, he did a lot to lay that to rest. >> chris: did he explicitly say to you he accepts israel's right to nuclear weapons, for self-defense? >> well, we didn't get into that kind of a discussion and will not get into our confidential discussions. >> chris: what about the call which the u.s. endorsed at the u.n., for an international conference, a summit on making the middle east a nuclear free zone. >> he said that he would not see israel joining if it didn't feel
6:28 pm
comfortable with such a conference and i think that was an important statement. as far as a nuclear weapons free zone, you know, when the limelight is down lion -- lion is down with the lamb and you don't need a new lamb every day to satisfy the lion, we may have the transformation in the middle east, but so far you know who has been violating the nuclear nonproliferation pact, they are iran, iraq, libya and iran violates it while calling for israel's destruction and working to develop atomic weapons to that end. i think we should stay focused on the real problem in the middle east, it is not israel, it is these dictatorships that are developing nuclear weapons with the specific goal of wiping israel away. >> chris: have you and the president resolved the issue of whether you are willing to stents the moratorium on construction of settlements as
6:29 pm
part of the palestinians' engaging in direct talks. >> settlements are an issue that has to be engaged in the final status peace negotiation, that has been agreed on along with other issues. i made the exceptional, really extraordinary move of making the freeze of new construction for ten months and did that months ago in order to help the palestinians get into the talks. and they haven't gotten into the talks now and now we are asked to make and extension and this is the wrong approach. i think we should eliminate all of the pre-conditions and the excuses and all of those demands for entering into rect talks and just get into them. >> chris: during your meeting with president obama, you praised the recent round of sanctions not just the u.n. but also the additional sanctions that president obama signed, with the -- the u.s. congress passed on iran. but, recently, the cia director, leon panetta said this: will it deter them, speaking of the iranians, from their
6:30 pm
ambitions with regards to a nuclear capability? probably in the. is he right? >> probably. he's probably right. i can tell you one thing. iran is closer to developing nuclear weapons today than it was a week ago. or a month ago or a year ago. just moving on with its efforts. and, i think there is a great danger to the world, not only to my country, but, to the u.s., and, to the middle east, and, peace, to all of humanity. from the prospect of such a regime, that brutalizes its own people and sponsors terrorism, more than any other regime in the world, that this regime acquires atomic bombs is very, very dangerous. >> chris: u.s. officials estimate that iran perhaps within two years, will have a nuclear warhead, that can put on a ballistic missile, that can strike israel, europe, much of
6:31 pm
the world, do you have a deadline in your own mind for how long you are willing to let diplomacy play out? >> there has only been one time that iran actually stopped the program. and that was when it feared u.s. military action. so, the -- when the president sends -- says that he is determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons, and all options are on the table, i think that is the right statement of policy. you asked what is our policy. our policy is very simple, the jewish state was set up to defend jewish lives and we all reserve the right the to defend ourselves. >> chris: do you have a deadline in mind, how long you will let diplomacy play out. >> we always reserve the right the defend ourselves. >> chris: do you believe a nuclear iran, a nuclear iran can be contained? >> no. no. i don't. i think that il is a mistake an
6:32 pm
people fall into... misperception. >> chris: it must be stopped. >> you sccannot rely on the fac they'll obey the calculation that have been here since the rise of the nuclear age, effective nuclear peace, for more than half a century, because everybody understood the rules. i don't think you can rely on iran. i don't think you can rely on other radicals like the taliban, they dispatched al qaeda to bomb new york and washington. what were they thinking were they that stupid? they were not stupid. there is an irrationality there. and there is madness in the method and should not allow irrational regimes like iran to have nuclear weapons, the ultimate terrorist threat today. >> chris: i want to follow your argument, you say panetta is right, sanction will not work and you say flatly, that you --
6:33 pm
containing a nuclear iran is impossible. have you and the president ever discussed the possibility of a military strike. >> i will not get into confidential discussions. and i'm not confirming anything of the sort. but, i am saying that the president's position that all options are on the table might actually have the only real effect on iran if they think it is true. >> chris: this week, you relaxed restriction on the goods that you are allowing to go into gaza. but do you believe that israel did anything wrong while it was intercepting that ship on may 31, and nine people were killed? do you believe that there was an excessive use of force? >> oh, i -- first of all, i think we regret the loss of lives. but, i talked to the soldiers. i visited the wounded soldiers -- i visited them in the hospital.
6:34 pm
begun of them was shot. these activists, turkish radicals, clubbed them, knifed them and took one of their weapons, fired at them. and they were shot and people were killed but they acted in self-defense, your coast guard would do the same. would you feel they did a terrible thing -- >> no excessive force. >> certainly, the force used to defend their lives, they acted in self-defense, as i heard it directly from them. but, i think we have a credible investigation in israel's case, a real investigation, a real impartial professional investigation and the facts will come out. >> chris: will you enforce the blockade against any other ships that try to test it. >> we are enforcing the security blockade. in order to prevent weapons and war material from getting into gaza, i've lifted all the
6:35 pm
civilian -- any civilian goods, can enter. i lifted the civilian -- anything can come in, food, medicine, toys, you name it, can go freely to gaza. my policy is simple. weapons out, everything else, in. >> chris: finally, you have been dealing with american presidents for the better part of 30 years, almost. how do you compare barack obama to the others? >> i don't compare people. this is a -- something you read in biographies but i can tell you there is a consistent line and all u.s. presidents from -- everyone i met including president obama, share what the president called the basic bed rock of this unbreakable bond between israel and the united states. israeli prime ministers are all different, each one of us is different. but we all value the relationship with the united states, and -- enormously,
6:36 pm
enormously. i think america has no better friend and ally than israel in the world and i'm sure that israel has no better friend and ally than the united states. >> chris: can you honestly say barack obama supports israel and understands the threats you face the same way that reagan, and clinton and the two bushes did? >> i can tell you we had a conversation in the meeting in washington the other day and a good chunk of it, i would say about half of it, was devoted to a detailed discussion of israel's security problems, the problem that when we vacate territories, iran and its proxy terrorists walk in with rockets. and i explained it in great detail and found the president was understanding, i found him -- he considered the problem and understands it and we need to have a solution for it. and i intend to work with him and hope with president abbas to find a solution, so that we can couple security with peace. because that is the only peace
6:37 pm
that will endure, peace based on security. i'm prepared to go down this route and i know the president is willing to assist us in the. but i need a partner on the other side. you can't be a trapeze artist that wants to connect with-the-other guy and there is no one there. i need a palestinian partner and president abbas, i don't know if you can go from trapeze artist to step up to the plate. he has to step up to the plate. >> chris: prime minister netanyahu thanks for walking tus. a pleasure, sir. >> thank you. >> chris: you can watch more of my interview with netanyahu at foxnewssunday with, he explains about how disagreement with the u.s. earlier this year, whether it endangered the relationship, a new line of attack against the g.o.p. our sunday regulars tell us whether it will work. when we come right back. 3q what's up ? ugh. my feet are killin' me. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic
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this is a choice between the >> president barack obama: this is a choice between the policies that led us into the mess, or the policies that are leading us out of the mess. this is the choice between falling backwards or moving forwards. >> chris: president obama this week on the campaign trail, trying out a new line of attack on the november election. it is tomorrow now for our sunday group. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst, mara liasson of npr, bill kristol of the weekly standard and juan williams also from national public radio and so with the recovery slowing down, the white house is apparently decided to focus less on its performance and to try to frame the debate
6:42 pm
for november as a shows, between its agenda and the policies of bush and the republicans which got us into this in the first place, is that their best argument and will it work. >> i don't think it will work, people agree, the polling indicates people believe the bush administration led us into the financial mess. the problem though for the president is he was elected to get us out of it, to fix the problem and pie all of the main indicators -- by all the main in starters, and particularly the unemployment report he has manifestly not done that in the eyes of the public and in addition we have what appears to be a pause in the recovery, a slow down in it, which makes it appear the policies are not effective at all. at the moment. that he has instituted it. and i don't think having encouraging people to feel bush caused the problem is going to help him. because, they can simultaneously hold the view and also hold the
6:43 pm
view that barack obama, now, as with congress and the democratic party failed to do what they were supposed to do which is to fix it. >> chris: let me throw another log into the fire, a new "gallup poll" out this week. let's put it dramatic. 38% of independents approve of the job president obama is doing, after 56% a year ago, that is dangerous territory no and the reason his approval rating is going down is because he's losing independents which he had won in 2008. and, now, history tells us that president's job approval ratings generally drift down and it is unlikely it will be even at this point, mid 40s in november, however, i disagree. one thing you said earlier, the president doesn't focus less on the administration's performance, every stop he goes to, he's showing a grant from the recovery act is producing the electric engines or solar panels but i think the hardest thing is that if he makes it a
6:44 pm
choice, night rer rent duferend wants it to be a choice between the democrats' and the republicans' ideas he needs to have the underpinning of things going in the right direction, even if the unemployment rate is 9.7% th 9.7%, the trend line has to be positive and we have had two months of lagging job growth and i think the administration was really counting on little by little, things would look like they are getting better and they are not an voters now are hypersensitive to economic news. they really know what happened with the jobs numbers from month-to-month and i think that is a problem for him. he needs the trend lines to go in the right direction to make the argument stick. >> chris: bill, there is also a growing sense and you begin to see more of this in the mainstream media, the big business is souring on the president. there was a report from the business roundtable the nation's biggest ceos, biggest corporations, very critical of the president and what some people are calling a capital strike.
6:45 pm
big business is sitting on $2 trillion of capital they are not spending. they say, because they are worried about obama economic policies, and what new taxes and regulations are going to be imposed. >> it is more important on the -- republicans should not be the defenders of big business, and republicans and conservatives will tend to be dismissive of obama's arguments, i'm better than bush, you know, and, obama's policies, what is all the talk about bush? if i were in their shoes, is the argument i would make, the one data, the one question, in an otherwise disastrous polling data that is coming up with various sources where he has something of an advantage agent people go to president bush more, with the economic policies, than president obama and it tells me, and it could stop them from losing a lot of seats and one answer republicans -- republicans have to have an economic agenda, that is different from obama's and isn't -- makes it harder to say about every republican congressional candidate there is the bush
6:46 pm
agenda coming back. i think in that respect, and i've changed my mind on this, midterm election and you don't need that much of a positive agenda and now they need to erase paul ryan's agenda in the house and judd gregg -- >> what you heard from jon kyl is basically extend the bush tax cuts, and it doesn't sound like a new agenda. >> that is not enough. that is a problem. and, i think it is simply, extend the bush tax cuts is not a sense of republicans in congress -- if they win that, and with the president in 2013 have a bold and dramatically agenda that addresses spending and entitlement and taxes and keeps tax in place, perhaps and lays the groundwork for broader tax reform, i think republicans need a broader economic agenda and need at least to begin talking about that, and, not have every detail worked out this fall. >> chris: juan. >> that's right them. problem here is, if you are president obama and saying let's look back at president bush, and we're -- we were economically
6:47 pm
and look at the fact i have been trying to get us on... the american voter, especially the independents you highlighted, chris, are going to say, gee, we are not going anywhere and look at the deficit spending and what it portends in terms of increased taxes down the line. seniors are still disaffected about the health care reform bill. i think people are up in the air about afghanistan. especially on the left. but anyway, those independents are looking for some traction somewhere. and right now the problem for the g.o.p. think as bill properly described it is they don't have any leadership, no platform, it looks like there is no one personality -- >> there never is when you are dealing with the president -- >> i think now you would have expected somebody to e-mr. speaker, i mean, people are as you said, independents, independents i think, with 52% of independents voted for obama, and now they are 38% and you think someone would stand up and there would be a message carried, someone who personifies
6:48 pm
what the g.o.p. stands for and i cannot tell you, not to be antagonistic, what does the g.o.p. stand for except ache anger at president obama. >> chris: 20 second to answer the question, mr. hume. >> they stand for resistance of the obama agenda and the implication is yes, they would extend the tax cuts and be more aggressive on cutting spending and would be for lifting the regulatory yoke that a lot of industry and business are feeling and their areas with the republicans, will articulate the rough outlines of the agenda, whether it will be the same from every republican voice who knows and they'll have something to say. i don't think -- i think bill knows, is right it would be nice to have a come pre-ians hiv agenda and a small one will do the trick. >> chris: we have to take a break. up next the justice department files suit against arizona's immigration law, our panel tackles that, in a moment. new immigration law. our panel tackles that, in a [ male announcer ] the way bugs see it,
6:49 pm
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>> chris: we're back now with our sunday group, so the justice department filed suit against arizona's new immigration law this week but, interestingly for all the president's talk for racial profiling the lawsuit focuses on a narrow constitutional grounds which is, that the federal government has primacy when it comes to setting immigration policy, brit is that... their strongest case? and do you think they'll win. >> i think it is their strongest argument. the law forbids racial profiling. and says you cannot stop anybody based on their race, used to say, when we first drafted it said you cannot question anybody solely because of race and now it says you cannot use race at all and if they tries to use profile, the text of the law
6:53 pm
would have defeated the argument and they made their best argumentment i'm not sure it will hold water. laws have been passed by arizona that dealt with other pieces of immigration upheld on appeal and i think it has a good chance of standing and what drives me absolutely crazy about this whole debate is, this law is really quite mild. it isn't a profiling law and really is not a very strong law enforcement, and -- issue, just isn't. and, the burden it would place on the federal government if it were one would be quite modest and, this is really much ado about not very much. >> chris: if it is much ado about not much, mara, why did the obama white house decide to fight about it. >> the obama white house made a fight for a number of reasons. one, it usurps federal law and also i think they want to show hispanic voters if they cannot pass a comprehensive law they'll stand against rules that constituency and a lot of
6:54 pm
democrats find egregious. i think it is interesting, the politics of this are more complicated than first off, first it looks like terrible for democrats and this law is popular across the country. and i think in arizona, where there are three incumbent democratic congressmen it will be a problem for them, however look at two other races, the governors races in california and texas, meg whitman is running spanish language billboard saying how she opposes the arizona law and prop 1 87, that pete wilson rode to victory -- >> california republican running for governor opposing -- >> and, in texas, rick perry is a republican governor running against bill white the former mayor of houston and the race closed since the law began and many people attribute to it a backlash against it. there is a complicating -- >> there are 50 states and republicans in different states take different position and i'm not sure i would vote for that in virginia, we have different circumstances than arizona, and
6:55 pm
the law was always popular, 3-2, and when it was polled in may, when first hit the news and now, the popularity increased, and popularity of the arizona law increased and up popularity of the obama administration's position decreased. >> let me quickly put up on the screen, a fox news poll out this week and what it shows is that overall, overall, americans approve of the arizona law, by a margin of 52% to 27, and basically 2-1 and i'll add, though, hispanics, bill, oppose the law, overall. around the country by a margin of 4-1. >> but that is interesting, 50-32, two or three weeks before and, those numbers are increasing and it remind me of health care. having a big national debate, voters are learning more about it and more voters are pro arizona as it goes on and, it is bad for the obama administration, and, if only you could educate them more and give speeches around it and it will change their mind and that is the obama administration's view on stimulus and health care and now arizona. on immigration, and, i think it
6:56 pm
will not work and and i think it is foolish of the obama administration, and i think is bad law and above all, shows a disrespect -- >> bad law meaning... >> bad lawsuit, and, shows disrespect for -- when in doubt, let the voters and the legislatures have their way, a clear abrogation of one's individual rights, of course the federal government steps in and this is a murky case at best and instead of waiting for the law to go into effect and take the attitude of let's see what happens with the private lawsuit citizens filed, the obama administration is stepping in and trying to override the democratic legislative law... >> it is an important lawsuit, you cannot have a patch work of laws and it appeals politically to the hispanic community which peels the obama administration did not live up to its promise to deliver on immigration reach. overall the anger is at washingtonment why have republicans and democrats not cooperated to get something done? it seems as if people in some sense like the status quo.
6:57 pm
like not having a resolution to the issue. like having 12 and 13 million illegal immigrants in the country. >> chris: do you really believe that. >> they must. they aren't doing anything about it. that is the impatient and anxiety that is coming out -- impatience an anxiety out of people, and older, white voters are saying look the country is changing... >> there is a consensus on this in the public which is seal the border, first. and all these other things can come later. >> chris: all right, we have to leave it there, thank you, panel, see you next week, don't forget to check out this latest edition of panel plus where our group here continues the discussion on our web site. and we'll post the video before noon eastern time. back in a moment. allergies put. now i'm claritin clear. claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms without drowsiness... i stay as alert and focused as someone without allergies. for me, claritin is the perfect allergy medicine. i only live claritin clear
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